Top 8 Ways to Build Fall Immunity

Why are we discussing the top 8 ways to build fall immunity? ​It’s the first day of Fall. Wow. HOORAY. And I’m super totally into it. What I’m LESS into is the start of cold season – sick season – flu season. It’s important to be cautious of these things BEFORE they get out of hand. Which is why fall is the perfect time to prep your body and mind for the beauty of winter to begin, and a stretch of glorious fall to feel nice.

This is also important for you wee ones. Because let’s face it… THEY’RE the ones bringing home hands covered in boogers.

Soooo… here is my list of:

Top 8 Ways to Build Fall Immunity | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford


TOP 8 WAYS to BUILD FALL IMMUNITY (as awesomely as possible)

1) Reduce stress. Manage stress. Yeah, you hear it all the time. It’s annoying and constant. But DUDES… it’s seriously so important. But I get it — Fall is busy and bananas. So if you can’t reduce the stress around you, then learn how to manage it.

Self-care is key here. I know it FEELS like you don’t have time. That little Josie is going to flip a lid if she can’t get into the bathroom and get INTO THE TUB WITH YOU. But you’re wrong. She’ll be fine. (As long as someone is out there watching her.) LOCK THE DOOR. Light some candles. Diffuse some essential oils. And chill the BLEEP out.

There are obviously loads of self-care techniques out there. HERE IS A GUIDE that gives you fabulous ideas that don’t require a lot of time or money.

2) Wash your hands. Well, duh. Doesn’t that seem too simple? A bit of germ action is okay… it builds immunity. But if you are constantly sharing the world via your hands, and then touching your nostrils, rubbing your eyes, chewing your nails… washing your hands makes a world of difference in keeping your healthy.

3) Eat less sugar. Do I need to explain this one? Doubt it.

Just in case: Sugar suppresses the way your immune system kicks into fight-mode. it can’t properly do its job. At all. Just saying. (Sugar also feeds the bad bugs, which then kill off the good bugs, inside your gut. Which leads me to number 4.)

4) Support your gut. Eat lacto-fermented foods. Avoid a lot of sugar (and stress and alcohol and coffee and and and…) Taking a probiotic is helpful too, for many people.

5) Eat immune-supportive foods. LIST HERE. To name a few: garlic, bone broth, liver… THIS NUMBER 5 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

6) Reduce or eliminate most dairy. It creates phlegm. (do you know how long it took me to spell that word?) Phlegm doesn’t kill your immune system, but it makes you feel rotten. And most dairy isn’t great for digestion, your gut, absorbing minerals, your system overall, therefore reducing immunity.

7) Give your digestive system some love. Big time. I’m way down with getting my nutrients from food, and “it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb”. For realz. If your digestive system is a mess, it’s not just affecting the way you poop, and the way your tummy feels… it’s also preventing you from absorbing seriously important vitamins and minerals (that are important to your immune system).

Start with actually CHEWING your food. Not inhaling 🙂

8) Supplement? Okay, digestion and food first. BUT… if you NEED to supplement: Vitamin C, Vitamin D with K, Zinc, Probiotics…

top ways to build fall immunity graphic

Please don’t feel overwhelmed by all of that. I mean…it’s quite a list. And it’s all quite real. But… it doesn’t have to be tackled in fourteen seconds.

Building Fall Immunity and getting you ready for the storm of winter is the NUMBER ONE FOCUS on the Fall Dump… 

We are doing this by focusing on:

  • ​Self-care
  • Including immune-supportive foods (with recipe you’ll LOVE)
  • Removing sugar
  • Removing other congesting foods like dairy, coffee, soy, etc
  • Lacto-ferments and other gut-loving foods
  • Digestive system love love love

All within a community that has your back, filled with recipes that will bring you kitchen/tummy joy, and guided along by your own personal nutritionist who will make you laugh (me).

The cart opens October 1st. Prep begins after Canadian Thanksgiving.

Now go love your immune system a little. And take it easy this sunny, gorgeous, lovely fall weekend.

Love yas!

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