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Avoid These 3 Health Obstacles

Mistakes. We make ’em. We are human. We try are darnedest to conquer the things holding us back so we can feel good again. But it’s like being in a cage with a running wheel sometimes. And if only we could avoid these 3 health obstacles. (More below.) Ultimately, we all want to feel good. […]

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The Truth About Green Smoothies | Nourish Real Food

The Truth About Green Smoothies

As I embark on another Community Cleanse there are things I feel compelled to be completely upfront about. And this is a big one: Green smoothies aren’t for everybody! Yeah, I KNOW… THIS shouldn’t be a “controversial” discussion. But it sure usually ends up that way. I think the biggest misconception we have as humans is […]

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Thai Baked Sweet Potato | Nourish Real Food

Thai Baked Sweet Potato

The Community Dump is fast approaching. I’m busy finishing up the last of the Fall Dump Cookbook and I am getting really excited. I love this food. I love the fall. I love the colour of fall AND fall food. Orange, and deep golden. Green. Yum. Harvest time is really the best. Though not a […]

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The "cleansiest" UN-cleanse food around -- SOUP

BURN YOUR CAPE: The UN-cleanse

This is a confusing time. Seriously – everywhere you look there are shakes and boot camps, fad-diets and broken promises…How do you sort this out? I’ll tell you how – don’t do it. DON’T do a juice cleanse in January…DON’T buy into the claim of weight loss by meal replacement as healthy…DON’T go from NOTHING […]

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Post Holiday Body Blahs

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you – but I feel gross. It doesn’t take much, really. A few days of eating…well, anything! and you just don’t feel yourself any longer. Throw in a couple of rum & eggnog’s and some chocolate covered almonds that happened to be lying around…suddenly there are rolls […]

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