Self Care Ideas Guide

Why make a self care ideas guide? Fall is around the corner. It sure is. And it amazes me each and every year how unprepared I am for it. It’s busy and windy and hard to catch my breath. It needs extra special attention. And it REALLY needs YOU and I taking extra good care of ourselves. Or we can wind up spinning.

Try and feel in control of the busy and the changes and the new, while you are spinning. You’ll get dizzy REAL quick.

Self-care is like this essential thing we roll our eyes at the idea of. SELF-CARE! Oh whatever. I don’t have time for that. Well…to be honest, you don’t have time NOT to do it.

I get it. You see it as a luxury. Taking care of yourself is indulgent and you’re already busy enough, right?

But that’s where you get it wrong. Self-care isn’t some mystical, un-doable, un-reachable, indulgent thing. It’s actually ESSENTIAL. And that’s where the mindset needs to change. Especially for women. Especially for moms. We need to stop feeling guilty for demanding what we need to stay a healthy, happy human — or EVERYONE suffers.

And self-care does actually make you MORE productive in the end, and LESS stressed all around. It’s meant to nourish the parasympathetic system. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of time or effort. It’s all in the little things. And that is why… I made you this self care ideas guide. Not all of these will work for everybody. And some things you may not even consider “self-care”. But that’s why a list of POTENTIAL ideas is just what the doctor ordered.

This list could be bigger…longer…go on forever. And ever and ever.

Here is a Printable PDF version without any images — this one has a few extra ideas added. Feel free to print out and plunk on your fridge somewhere 🙂

And here is the Printable PDF version of the image above.

For some of you…even taking the time to prep food or eat properly is your form of self-care. Whatever you decide to do, if you feel like you’re taking care of yourself, even only for a few minutes each day, then you will see dramatic change.

Stop feeling guilty. And begin to understand that THIS is the key to feeling the energy you need to move forward.

I would LO-OVE to hear from you what you consider “self-care” — and better yet, tell us how you fit it into your day or your life. PLEASE SHARE!!

We put a huge focus on self-care in the upcoming Fall Dump. Along with digestive care, immune building, rooting, celebrating the harvest, and loads more. But there are traditional self-care techniques unique to Ayurveda that are included in this amazing experience.

And if you want to join us on the upcoming Fall Dump, registration ends Thursday, October 12th.

Now go sip some self-care tea and share with us how to do this self-care thing from your perspective.

Sara xo

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4 Responses to Self Care Ideas Guide

  1. Katrina August 15, 2017 at 2:33 pm #

    This post has come at the most ridiculously perfect time!!! I’ve been battling with ‘balancing’ self care. My main struggle is not necessarily the amount of time I invest in it, but the amount of money I have been investing in it. I so appreciate your list with the inclusion of ideas that don’t have a monetary ticket attached to them!! Now I need to figure out if…or how…I would follow through with those experiences if I don’t have the financial investment to ‘remind’ me or make me accountable…lol. Time for me to really investigate my current self care plan, I think!

    • Sara August 17, 2017 at 9:01 am #

      Isn’t it funny we need a financial commitment to make things happen sometimes? Honestly… my FAVOURITE self-care things involve no money at all. A walk in the woods. Discovering new music. SEX. Legs up the wall. But…even so, I am more likely to put my legs up the wall in a paid yoga class. haha. Where i’m forced to do this amazing thing. Maybe make yourself pay if you DON’T do them. Mark it on your schedule, and if you forget to do 10 minutes of deep breathing, or have a bath that night, then you need to pay $10 to a jar. At the end of the year, use it to take a really indulgent self-care trip somewhere (like a spa or a retreat).

      • Katrina August 18, 2017 at 9:52 am #

        Oh, I LOVE that idea!!! What an excellent suggestion! I’m going to try it. I also listened to a podcast yesterday that talked about changing how we think about certain tasks and I think it could apply here as well. She suggested moving away from HAVE towards GET. For example: “I HAVE to go for a walk” to “I GET to go for a walk” it really changes the tone. HAVE = a sense of obligation, making it feel undesireable. GET = a sense of freedom, leaving room for enjoyment. This could be applied to anything, even the mundane like grocery shopping or making supper…lol. Anyways, I’m going to try that too. (Liberated Woman Podcast ep. 34 with guest Tanja Shaw)

        New goals : pay myself and take the words ‘HAVE TO’ right out of my vocabulary.

        • Sara September 15, 2017 at 7:11 am #

          Has it worked?
          By the way, I re-read your reply and it was everything I NEEDED to hear in that moment. I “get” to go to yoga teacher training tonight (which I was dreading for some strange reason). I’m totally going to track down that podcast. Thanks Katrina.

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