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Lamb Tagine (kid-friendly)

Lamb is a wonderful thing. (And lamb tagine is delicious.) If you can get past the phycological issues of eating a baby-something. It’s got a unique flavour and it’s very easy to digest, as far as meat goes.

Lamb Tagine Kid-Friendly… 

Kid-friendly lamb tagine? Yup. It’s is a wonderful way to introduce kids to lamb. It’s sweet, a bit spicy, and YUMMY. I love this version because it utilizes nourishing bone broth (check out my awesome bone broth recipe here) — something we should all consume more of. And around here we serve it on quinoa (instead of couscous) OR (much to my son’s dismay) sometimes eat it with Cauliflower Couscous (recipe to come).

As always…when it comes to meat…there is a better way to do it… My kids LOVE grass-fed meat, (especially lamb,) because that’s really what they’re use to. And the reason we do is because that’s what animals, like lamb, are SUPPOSED to eat.

Explore your area – the farms surrounding where you live. Talk to the farmers. Get to know vendors at the Farmer’s Markets. Source your animal protein from a happy place as often as you can. Have conversations with your children about using the entire animal. Because it’s important!!

Enjoy this delicious recipe below. And remember to send it for kid lunches. Why not?!

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  • 1. Season lamb chunks generously with salt and pepper.
  • 2. Heat a bit of coconut oil in a heavy pot over high heat. Add lamb, paprika, garlic, ginger and brown the sides of the lamb. Remove lamb and let drain on a rimmed cookie sheet.
  • 3. Add onions and carrots, and cook over medium heat, scraping up all the nice brown bits. Add a bit of the fresh orange juice to prevent sticking.
  • 4. Throw in sweet potato and lamb with its drained juices. Reduce the juices a bit before adding tomato paste and bone broth.
  • 5. Simmer 35 – 45 minutes. Add chickpeas, apricots, orange peel, and simmer another 10 minutes. Check for seasoning and balance. You could even do a long simmer in a pot in the oven for a few hours OR transfer to a slow cooker. This way the flavours will really meld. And guaranteed no matter what you do....tomorrow will be even tastier.
  • 6. Add fresh herbs at the end.
  • 7. Serve on a bed of quinoa OR cauliflower couscous OR on its own.

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