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Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This period-pleasing, bloat-reducing Chocolate Almond Smoothie was created JUST to help with those bloat-y, yucky days leading up to your monthly period.

BUT…it’s so delicious it doesn’t matter WHY you’re drinking it. In fact, it’s surely also good for men (who don’t bleed), for children normally afraid of things that are green (who don’t bleed), and anyone looking to quench their chocolate craving needs without feeling guilty about it.

So why chocolate in this bloat-reducing chocolate almond smoothie? Well…chocolate happens to be rich in magnesium. And magnesium happens to be good for ALL things period related. (Bloating, cramps, sleep, stress…) And funny enough…women CRAVE chocolate leading up to their periods. Therefore, you might think we are ACTUALLY supposed to be eating it in that case. Right? Yes!

Unfortunately, not all chocolate (or cocoa powder) is created equal. The best quality you can find is anti-oxidant-rich raw cacao. And if not, stick with the fair-trade stuff so that you feel better about yourself.

The recipe below is full of bloat-reducing, potassium + magnesium + B6 + natural diuretic foods. It took me about 14 seconds to drink mine. I’m CERTAIN the bloating is gone now. haha. xo

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  • 1. Place ingredients into the blender and blend on high.

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