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Carrot Basil Smoothie Delight

A Carrot Basil Smoothie is meant to be all the things you want from summer. Slightly sweet…but not too much. Frosty and cooling. Gorgeous colour. Tasty as anything. Using up produce and herbs from the garden. (Okay, ignore the fact that two of the fruits are tropical.)

Carrots are incredibly sweet when juiced. So I use carrot juice sparingly. But sometimes… oh sometimes it’s all I need or need. And certainly not just for drinking — cold-pressed carrot juice makes a gorgeous base for sauces (for fish) or soups. It sweetens things up without adding any kind of sweetener at all.

Which brings me to juicing in general.This is a lot of sugar, without any of the stabilizing that fibre and fat bring. A blast of nutrients…sure. But to switch from a crappy diet OR a whole food diet to an entirely juice-only cleanse is SOOOOO HARRRRD on the body. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

But using cold-pressed juice as part of something is just a divine treat. LIKE THE Carrot Basil Smoothie recipe below. Give it a whirl. (Get it…? Whirl?)

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  • 1. ​Make sure your juice is fresh -- whether you make it yourself or purchase it. Combine everything in a blender and blend on high. Serve immediately.

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