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Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

The joy of overnight oats continue into the fall with these apple cinnamon overnight oats. Loaded with warming spices and in-season apples, this delightful fast-food is very tempting. And it couldn’t be easier to prepare. So so easy to digest, packed with probiotics, filling, warming, and delicious. The chia also provides a level of texture, protein, and extra fat needed to get you through a busy morning.

Stir in some Slow Cooker Apple Sauce for added apple-goodness and sweetness.

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Enjoy the recipe below. xo

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  • 1. In a one-pint sized mason jar combine dry ingredients.
  • 2. Add remaining ingredients and stir well.
  • 3. Place lid on container and leave on the counter at room temperature overnight. If this freaks you out for some reason, place in the fridge.
  • 4. In the morning, eat the goodness. Add more maple syrup if you think you or your kids need it.

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