Real Food LUNCH BOX: Club Sandwich

Lunch Box Club Sandwich (with other yummy things)

Lunch Box Club Sandwich (with other yummy things)

It seems a simple thing. To make a sandwich. Pack it in a lunch box. Send it to school.

So why is it something we AGONIZE OVER? Is it because Sally hates sandwiches? Or Tommy is being rebellious? Or is it simply that we are SICK OF making the same darn lunch box sandwich every day? Or they are sick of eating it?

A Club Sandwich is obviously a classic. You enter any diner in North America and it’s ON THE MENU. It’s pretty versatile, also. Don’t eat meat? Sub in avocado, maybe cheese, maybe even tofu. Don’t eat bread? Well…a club SALAD is kind of the same thing.

Classic Club Lunch Box with anything you want

Classic Club Lunch Box with anything you want

So why can’t we send a club sandwich in a lunch box? WHY NOT???? It’s the perfect way to use up leftover roast chicken or turkey. It’s the perfect opportunity to send BACON, which most kids (and adults) love. It’s your chance to whip up that no-knead homemade bread you’ve been dying to try, or the lovely rye bread you just purchased. And you can add ANYTHING after that. My son is obsessed with mustard. So dijon, homemade mayo, tomatoes, lettuce for him.

Homemade Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise

Homemade Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise

If you’re in a SANDWICH RUT I would suggest you get on Pinterest, you google, you check in here regularly – and make a list of every sandwich option you can think of for a lunch box. I KNOW some kids hate sandwiches, and other DON’T WANT to try new things. But eventually they likely will.

Here is some life-saving GRILLED CHEESE PACKING Tips from the Archives 🙂 – another cool idea when you’re stumped.

Violet's lunch

Packing a grilled cheese lunch box

Classic Lunch Box CLUB SANDWICH

  • Leftover roasted Chicken or Turkey
  • a pile of “happy” Bacon
  • lovely Bread
  • condiments, like Mayo or Mustard or Aioli or butter
  • Other Stuff: avocado, cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, whatever
  • “love”
Lunch Box club sandwich

Lunch Box club sandwich

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