Mother’s Day Gift to Myself

Mother’s Day is bittersweet. I mean, it’s also fucking fantastic. Because moms are the greatest humans. (sorry dads). And we need to celebrate ourselves more.

So why bittersweet?

OOOhhhh! I don’t know. Perhaps you’ve lost your own mama, as I have. Or you’ve lost a baby. (I’ve done that, too.) Or you have kids, but they aren’t with you. (Me too.) haha. Okay, bittersweet — BUT…

…With that said…when I was young, my mom went away every year for Mother’s Day weekend on a canoe trip with her pals. She skipped town. Got out of dodge. Got AWAY from her children. That was her gift to herself.

So I’m embracing that this year. I’m going to wrap myself in the arms of myself, (and probably this handsome fella I’m loving on,) and savour the moments I get without them, so I can love them harder when they’re around.

So often we receive these gifts we don’t even realize we have. Because they’re wrapped up in pain or loneliness. But I am, like, the least lonely person in the world.

For anyone who has lost a mom: I know it’s painful. But, I’m sort of at this point that when I think about my mama I feel a warmth spread over me. Like she’s in me now, in a way. And when I need to talk to her I just…reach inside my own melon and have a conversation there. haha. So that’s nice. But the first couple years were hard and kind of awful. I didn’t feel I had it in me to consider me at all. So I spent those years doing a run for Ovarian Cancer (which is what my mom died from). And that felt good. That felt like I could control all those swirling emotions. All the sadness. Now I can use Mother’s Day to CELEBRATE her again.

I’m alone for Mother’s Day this year. Both kids away. And being a mom, and being away from you kids, is a deeper, more profound type of loneliness. It’s fucking brutal.

But like I said…perhaps it’s just about me for a few hours on Mother’s Day. Oh joy oh bliss. And my kids and I can Skype and FaceTime and I know they love me to death and vice versa. So that’ll do. And I can still drink mimosas and eat whatever the hell I want for brunch 🙂 And think about others losses, unencumbered by the need to make everyone else have a good time.

I just finished running the Spring Mama Dump for the second time. It was…pretty awesome! And what I notice again and again is the NEED for it. It’s not really about the food thing in this case. It’s about this NEED to care and love and nurture oneself like you do everybody else. It’s the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift.

The Spring Dump just launched this weekend, I’m very proud to say. If you’re looking for a FAB way to gift yourself for being awesome (mom or not) then this is it. I promise. And there are piles of Fast-Action Bonuses included until the end of the weekend (well…Tuesday), worth almost $150. So THAT’S pretty great, too.

Here ya go: Spring Community Dump + Fast-Action Bonuses

So if you know little ones and partners looking for a way to gift you this weekend, perhaps an incredible food shift is it. Right?

ALSO: If you are a mama of little ones, I am running the Dump-Designed-Just-For-Mamas alongside the Spring Dump so you can participate too 🙂 The link for that is here: Spring + Mama Dump

Happy Mum’s Day. xo

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