Meal Planning 101 — Simple, Gorgeous Sanity

What makes Meal Planning 101 simple gorgeous sanity? Well HELLO!!!! Have you ever tried it? Oh my GOODNESS.

But for some reason, it can feel a bit daunting. Especially if you don’t know what it involves. But believe me, it’s SUPER simple to do. Like, INSANELY simple.

I encourage you to learn this skill. At SOME point in your adult life, it’ll come in handy. TRUST ME. It’s a lifetime skill you won’t ever regret. Even if you only use it occasionally. 


Because it’s simple, gorgeous sanity. That’s why. And because it:

  • Saves you time (hooray)
  • Saves you money (double hooray)
  • Reduces stress (awesome)
  • Inspires you to eat healthier (double triple awesome)
  • Inspires you to try new, exciting things (well…that’s a great life)

I’ve created an EASY to follow document that you can download, giving you all the tips and tools you need.

Download it here: Meal Planning 101

OR…if you’re already clear on HOW to meal plan, then simply use this template: Meal Plan Template

With that said, however…SOMETIMES, you don’t want the fuss. You want to be told EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT. I mean what a relief. One less thing on your plate. ESPECIALLY if you’ve got a family you’re also trying to feed. I get it. And ESPECIALLY-ESPECIALLY if you’re embarking on some new way of eating.

So I’ve begun doing something a little different on the Community Dump programs I run — including the Mama Dump. They come with a fully built-in meal plan. OH yes. It’s true. How great is that?? It is designed to make EVERYTHING easier for the new mama. Simpler recipes. Simpler amount of ingredients. I’m excited to launch the Mama Dump shopping cart SUUUUUPER soon. A week from today, in fact. So if you want to eat beautifully clean, and super nourishing, living the life of a mom, for an entire week, than consider joining us.

I created the Mama Dump for a single purpose… To make sure there was something out there in the “cleanse world” that was created JUST for them. Whether they’re breastfeeding, expecting, or feeding a family of four… The most neglected humans on the planet are mothers, and the only way they’ll get nourished is if they UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO BE NOURISHED.

So if you’re a mom (or know one) and want to feel that awesome, calm, consistent energy everybody ELSE talks about after a cleanse, then I have got something very special coming JUST for you. Even better than that…you COULD participate at no cost. Stop letting the world suck the life out of you. And enter the contest below.


Which brings me to THIS –>> You will have a chance to win a spot in the Mama Dump. HOORAY. The value of the Dump is HUGE. Oh yes.

I am giving away TWO SPOTS to the Full Mama Dump.

TO ENTER: Simply write me a post, in 250 words or less, why YOU deserve a spot in the Mama Dump. The two mamas with the best claim on this will win. (Financial reasons will not be taken into consideration for this particular blog contest.)

Send your entry in a word document attachment to

DEADLINE: Next Wednesday April 5th at midnight. (That gives you an entire week to come up with your response, write it up, send it to me)

I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, April 6th.

Mama Dump Begins with PREP on April 18th and DAY ONE on April 24th. More details coming next week.

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