Mama Dump Blog Contest WINNERS

The winners are definitely anyone who gets the chance to do this thing for themselves. That is a given. But…

Wow. Like…that was hard. The entries were tricky to sift through. Some because they made laugh so hard I had to pee…and some because they left me feeling profoundly shaken,  and made me desperately want to give away Mama Dumps to everyone. 

I was consistently surprised at the number of mamas who just wanted an excuse to have five minutes for themselves. Something all for them. I can relate. This is actually a really real thing. Feeling like a little self care would make you stretch your mama wings waaaayyyyyy farther…but not having a clue how to do it, or ask for it. I remember being left with that feeling after last Spring’s Mama Dump… that this is far bigger than I anticipated, and goes so SO much further than the food thing. This is a really special and important thing that needs to be out in the world. The Mama Dump! This self-love self-care experience. Sigh. 

Some of the statements that stood out to me in the blog contest were: (I don’t have permission yet to use names, so I will leave them anonymous.)

“I feel like I am starting all over, and the dump will give me a chance to concentrate on ME!”

“I make lists of the things that in the past have made me feel like a sane, whole person–doing my morning pages, having an exercise routine, planning my meals, having sex, praying/meditating. Then I just stare at the words and can’t figure out how to incorporate any of it into my day. I want the Mama Dump to start me on a new path of self-care, one that doesn’t necessarily look like the list, like the past, but one that reflects where I am NOW, in this mom season of my life.”

“These past couple weeks have been so draining and my emotional state has been compromised…I remembered that feeling I had during the winter dump. The feeling I get when I remember to take care of myself… so I thought, why not… why not sleep better, why not eat better, why not feel better.”

“I am A M A Z E D with my body, and what it can do! I want a healthy body. I want a body that can play with my sweet babe. I want a body that is not solely functioning on caffeine. I feel totally unenergized and a little hopeless.”

And my very favourite of all: My poo needs a makeover.”

Oh my goodness. Heart-wrenching, right? Can you relate? (I can.)

Because choosing was so difficult, I took the top six, threw the names in a hat, and pulled two. I had to. haha. I would have been up all night deciding.

Thank you for all the entries.


Sarah Fischer (you really touched me with your words on self-care — you really deserve this, lady)

and Emma Blacker (writing in on behalf of her lovely friend, who ALSO sounds like she deserves this).

I’ll be sending you an email to discuss how to get you the Mama Dump (to you or your friend).

That is why I’m launching the MAMA DUMP SPRING 2017 . And I’m launching it TODAY!! The doors are finally open. 

I’ve been doing this a long time. And I’ve been a MAMA for a long time. I GET IT!! I know what works, and what doesn’t. What’s important, and what can hold off for a few years. 

I’ve been perfecting the Community Dumps for YEARS. But the Mama Dump was created out of NECESSITY — done out of love after knowing what you really, truly, honestly need. And it’s time for YOU to benefit. Right?

  • Feel awesome again — get your groove back — it’s been long enough
  • Get some goddamn actual decent sleep
  • Don’t just KNOW you need this mysterious “self-care” everyone talks about — figure out HOW to get it
  • When you’re undernourished, everything basically falls apart — FEED YOUR CELLS and take back what’s been sucked (literally) out of you
  • Increase energy BUT decrease stress — YES!
  • Just a few of the benefits, really…

Not only that, mama… I want to GIFT YOU, IF you purchase the Dump TODAY… because I love ya.

That’s right. There are some pretty wicked additional fast-action bonuses you will get if you buy the Mama Dump before this coming Monday, May 10th, by midnight EST (at the latest).

On top of all the value-packed benefits that are already on the Mama Dump… there’s a package of extremely valuable Bonuses that will make this experience even richer.

But you have to enrol in the Mama Dump before Monday 5/10 at 11:59 pm Eastern to get them!

$148 in FREE FAST-ACTION *time sensitive* BONUSES:

Additional Recipe Bundle ($25 Value — FREE)

Bonus Plant-Based Meal Plan and Paleo Meal Plan ($20 Value — FREE)

Beautiful Mama Dump Guide Book (downloadable) ebook ($25 Value — FREE)

Beautiful Self-Care-Love Guide (downloadable) ebook ($20 Value — FREE)

Healthy Mama Movement Manual (downloadable) ebook ($15 Value — FREE)

Mama Meditation Guide ($8 Value — FREE)

Healthy Substitutions Chart ($5 Value — FREE)

EFT Training For Families ($25 Value — FREE)

Video Interview with Movement Mama Master Natalia Gabrea ($10 Value — FREE)

ENROLL TODAY so you don’t miss out on these bonuses!


Can’t wait to work with you in the program!



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