INTERVIEW: Introducing The Farm Juice Co.

Introducing The Farm Juice Co. Because…

Juice. Oh boy do I love a good cold-pressed juice. Not the subpar juice you buy at a grocery store, or the stuff from concentrate. (That’s hardly juice.) And I’ve never been a fan of Juice Fasts, per say (because I’ve seen them do more hard than good). But drinking a fresh cold-pressed juice is pretty darn nice. It feels like nutrients are getting to cells in a way that’s making me truly feel hydrated and nourished. It’s fab.

So last spring, when Alex O’Shea told me she was opening a cold-pressed juice company, making small-batch juice, using organic, fresh ingredients, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with her. 

And did I ever. Last year’s first Summer Juicy Dump was a huge hit. And so fun. I had never run a 3-Day Dump before. And realized quickly we were onto something. Which is totally why we are offering TWO this summer.

Here is the info for the August version: Summer Dump Starts Soon — LIMITED SPACE

I wanted to share more about her company to my peeps for the upcoming Community Dump. And sometimes the best way to share what a company is all about, is to ask directly at the source. So here we are…


Sara: Hi Alex! I have been a big fan of your incredible company right from the get-go. For those unfamiliar with your brand, do you mind giving us a run-down on who you are and what you do?

Alex: Hi Sara! Thank you for the support and opportunity to collaborate again. It’s always a pleasure!

My name is Alex O’Shea and I am the owner operator of The Farm Juice Co. We specialize in raw cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice.

Sara: Could you tell us a little about your juices and what makes them special?

Alex: Our juice is made daily in small batches with the highest quality organic produce. Small batch guarantees your juice is at its peak every time. The cold-pressed method allows me to make the most nutritionally pure, vibrant juice that is optimal for three to five days.

We do not add preservatives or use preservation techniques, ensuring you get the full benefit from all the gorgeous raw produce.

Our menu consists of 10 cold-pressed varieties, which have been developed with our clients health and taste buds in mind! I have a background in nutrition and food science but also love to eat and drink so finding the right balance between taste and nutritional benefit was paramount.

Sara: As do I. Which is one quality that draws me to you. In your opinion, why should people drink them?

Alex: Cold-pressed juice is a highly nutrient dense product that does not put any stress on your digestive system. When cold-pressed juice is consumed, its live enzymes, trace minerals and high vitamin count are quickly absorbed by the body to hydrate, energize and heal.

Each bottle contains 1kg of raw organic produce so they are a really convenient way to consume a decent amount of vegetables without any of the prep work!

Sara: How do you see them benefitting something specific, like the Community Dumps? How do you see them benefiting its participants?

Alex: As a Dump participate you have already committed to take time for yourself and prioritize your nutrition. Cold-pressed juice can be a convenient way to help support your goals.

Integrating juices into your weekly routine will help you feel energized, healthy and balanced. They can be used as a snack, accompany a meal or on occasion substitute a meal all together. When you are in a hurry, didn’t pack enough snacks, haven’t completed your meal prep or looking for something convenient to reach to, cold-pressed juice offers a lot of nutritional benefit with minimal effort.

Sara: Last summer we created this wicked and lovely version of the Community Dump — a 3-Day Summer Juice Dump. I think it went rather well. And we learned a lot. So I’m very excited to be collaborating with you again. I can’t wait to launch two more 3-Day Summer Juice Dumps this summer. 

Sara: How would you suggest people use your juices on any of the Community Dumps, as far as ordering them goes, delivery, etc?

Alex: We have several options for clients to purchase juice:

On days when you feel you could use a boost individual juices can be purchased at revel, Edison’s or directly from our production kitchen (back entrance of 134 Downie).

If you feel a little more is needed I suggest placing an order through me for either pick up or delivery. Orders can be placed through the contact us section of my website I deliver Tuesday through Saturday before 9:00am.

Having a fridge stocked or a few on hand makes a green juice an easy option when you are searching for your next snack or short on time!

For those who would like to cleanse a little deeper to either really let your digestive system rest or conquer cravings we offer full day juice resets. This option includes consuming three to five juices with suggested small snacks. It is recommended to do nearing the end of the Spring Dump to ensure your body is prepared to receive the benefits… jumping in too soon can shock the system.

Sara: Alex, thank you so much. I actually am totally in love with your company, your brand, what you stand for, and you. OH…and actually most of all…your juices. They really are unique, super tasty, and wonderful.

Alex: Thanks Sara- you the best!

Drink cold-pressed juice on the Summer Dump — delivered straight to your door — alongside a gorgeous community of peeps that want you to succeed — and me of course — and loads of DELICIOUS recipes to compliment the juice — and and and… 

Check out the Farm Juice Co website.

Follow them on their Facebook Page and/or Instagram.

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