Does the word "detox" make you cringe? Does it conjure up images of sludgy shakes, and chilling salads, and trips to the bathroom?

But you're ALSO tired of feeling worn out for work, sleep, sex, fun, kids, life...??

Welcome to the world of...well...most people...

But...IMAGINE...having the energy to have amazing sex, amazing sleep and an amazing life...

What if you could take on something as short as a three day thing...something as simple as eating real and tasty food...but come out of it feeling...well...AWESOME?

Would you do it?

The All-Season Community Dump is a mini food cleanse and supportive community designed to give you the recipes, guidance, support, life you desire..IN ONLY 3 DAYS!

And it's FREE!

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Are you OVERWHELMED because you want to do a detox but don't know where to start, who to trust, or how you'll find the time?

  • Discover something about "healthy" nourishing food that actually tastes good
  • Discover the foods that make you feel like kah-kah -- even ones YOU didn't expect
  • Focus on digestion -- the one thing that is SO neglected by EVERYBODY
  • Prioritize YOUR self care -- not just EVERYBODY else's
  • Find a community that isn't going to sabotage your efforts
  • Build your immune system -- instead of depleting it
  • Discover that LESS IS MORE -- yeah, i don't believe me yet

This three-day Dump I've designed for you can be used as a lil' reboot, anytime of the year. Hooray.

You can start ANYTIME!

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What some of my Dump Lovers have to say

Julia McIntosh

Sara's Fall Community Dump was an incredible personal journey for me. Her approach ... was unlike any other cleanse i have embarked upon. The community support aspect of this cleanse is truly unique and incredibly valuable. Thank you Sara!

Julia McIntosh, Owner of Gratitude Food, Culinary Nutritionist, Organic Vegetable Gardener
Nathalie Lussier

The Dump was truly powerful to witness and experience. This truly is unlike anything else I've seen, and the results people have at the end of the program is astounding. Highly recommend it! 

Nathalie Lussier, Nathalie Lussier Media
Karen Elliott

I went from NEEDING to drink Coke every day to kicking that habit. If I can do THAT, imagine how Sara Bradford can help YOU?!

No magic. Real food. Real changes. Real results. #dumpthesugar

Karen Elliott, Crazy Weed Lady

For the past few years I've led transformational 10-day online seasonal group cleanses, which leave participants simply feeling awesome, super educated about food and themselves -- and they've gathered a bit of a cult following because people experience real transformations...without the traditional "cleanse" side effects and severe restrictions. And NOW...I am offering a FREE mini version. It's only 3-days. And it's FUN. 

You can start ANYTIME!!!

  1. Sign-up. Sign in to my membership site (where you can download your materials).

  2. Join FB group. Read all the info. Watch the recording.

  3. Read your emails. You'll receive your first [mini dump] fairly soon -- read as you receive them -- lots of info here an in the membership.

  4. Start Day ONE (but don't forget to read the daily emails)

  5. Finish Day THREE (but keep reading emails)

  6. That's it. You don't have to purchase a thing. Just enjoy. xo


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  • 3 days of a DO-ABLE food cleanse program where you get to EAT AND DRINK delicious food
  • Gorgeous recipes with beautiful, mouth-watering images -- that are good for any season
  • A comprehensive Guidebook that explains what you're doing and why
  • Access to the Nourish Real Food Mini Dump MEMBERSHIP site (new and exciting)
  • Full 3-Day meal plan -- to free you from planning, save you time and money, give you EVERYTHING you need as a solo Dumper
  • Extra BONUS mouth-watering recipes, specific to the four seasons
  • Shopping List -- making shopping a breeze
  • Food List Guide -- of what's in and what's out -- so you never have to wonder
  • Access to a very active Community Dump Group Forum
  • Six emails that takes you through the entire process from start to finish -- to keep you motivated, on track, and FULL of daily useful wisdom
  • 100% online access -- you can do this from anywhere in the world
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This requires YOUR COMMITMENT. (But only for a short time.) I give you the tools. I support your journey. I give you a community. Now YOU get to make this happen. And WOW...IT'S POWERFUL. Yay.

What some of my Dump Lovers have to say

Lisa Stacey

Sara is definitely someone I would refer someone to -- especially for a detox or cleanse. The most wonderful thing about the online cleanse is the participation with other members in the groups. It is unlike any cleanse I've ever done.

Lisa Stacey, Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki Practioner
Lex Vernon

Sara Bradford is the bee's knees, the mama food bomb. When it comes to health, she has been a godsend in helping me come home to my body through nutrition after the birth of my daughter.

Lex Vernon, Public Speaking + Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer & Media Personality
Gayla Walther

I love Sara's cleanse programs! As a nutritionist, I find them to be incredibly gentle and nurturing -- we never want to shock the body with extreme practices! Her recipes are delicious and nutrient-dense, and as a coach she is humorous, honest, and supportive.

Gayla Walther, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda Practitioner
Leslie Switzer

Sara's Community Cleanses have changed my life!

Leslie Switzer, Certified Doula, Nia Instructor

In 3 days you can have the little reboot you need without the stress of committing to a "full cleanse" during a time you really don't need the stress. JOIN US!