Psst...Are You Ready
To Starve Out Food Guilt...
Without Actually Starving?

I have designed a 10-Day Group Food Cleanse and a 4-Week Follow-Up UnCleanse to help you with JUST that. So you can:

Have Piles of Energy To Play With Your Kids!
Fit Back Into Your Skinny Jeans!
Get Excited By Your Plate Of Food - Not Scared!


It ALL starts October 16th

Hi! I'm Sara Bradford. For the past few years I've led transformational 10 day Online Group Cleanses, which leave participants simply feeling awesome and super educated about food and themselves -- and they've gathered a bit of a cult following because people experience real transformations... without the traditional "cleanse" side effects and severe restrictions.

But sometimes that's just not enough... So THIS FALL I've added a 4-week option onto the end of the cleanse. If you're tired of the usual "cleanse or diet fads", we can play together over 6 weeks in the Real Food Uncleanse - which includes my 10 day Community Dump (community cleanse), and 4-weeks of additional support to integrate these transformational changes into your day to day life.

So please read on. The following material explains the difference between the two programs, and how you can choose to do ONLY the Community Dump or the full 6-weeks of The Real Food UnCleanse.

When You Join
Everything Kicks Off With

Dump Your
Toxins, Bad Habits, Negative Self Talk, Poor Self-Care
Within a SAFE (and FUN) Group Setting 

The Fall Harvest Community Dump

A 10-Day Food Cleanse
(That's Kind Of An UnCleanse)

  • Celebrate The Rich Harvest Bounty - by learning how to cook/eat it
  • Incorporate Incredible Self-Care - and don't feel guilty doing it
  • Get Grounded With Nourishing Roots - while discovering new and delicious things
  • Have An Immune System OVERHAUL - and be ready to kick winter-germy butt
  • Give Your Digestive System The LOVE (and RELIEF) - it finally deserves
  • Rock Your World with Warming Spices - for their culinary AND therapeutic benefits
  • Get An Education - it's like going back-to-school AND a hands-on internship - and learn from an experienced, trained nutritionista
  • Feel Support From A Group - that unconditionally has your back and isn't going to sabotage your experience
  • 100% Online - that means you can do this from ANYWHERE
  • All With An Ayurveda Twist - because thousands of years of study isn't just kah-kah

You can feel BEAUTIFUL and VIBRANT

With the Fall Community Dump (10-Day Group Cleanse) you can feed yourself and your family in a way that tastes great AND energizes everybody.

This doesn't have to mean a dash to the toilet, feeling starved or deprived, and feeling unsupported and alone.

Do you believe it's possible?

Sara B

WHY I'M RUNNING A "FOOD CLEANSE" (and a 4-Week Real Food Follow-Up Program):

My real food journey started a very long time ago. I was raised by a mom who believed with all her being in whole foods, REAL foods, traditionally prepared with love. And I LOVED real food, right from the beginning.

When I began studying nutrition, something switched. I became obsessed by food and not in a good way. I tried every diet, and every cleanse or detox out there. It took me many years to realize - sometimes 'healthy eating' isn't actually all that healthy. Obsessed with finding the perfect way to eat just made it worse. And taking a ton of herbs I didn't understand (while "cleansing") only made it much, MUCH worse. But this lesson fuelled my desire to help people in a DIFFERENT way. Though I was going against many of the things I'd been taught, I knew it was the necessary direction. I realized so clearly - nothing was as effective as simply using real food as my medicine. When I incorporated THAT philosophy, and did it properly, my MOOD improved, my puffiness decreased, I lost extra pounds, my skin became clear, I DISCOVERED what foods made me feel terrible. All because I was eating nourishing foods that fed my cells. Not only was I removing that stuff that made me congested and unbalanced, I was eating foods to replace it that didn’t leave me feeling jittery or hungry and weird. And when I DID indulge I no longer felt guilty.

I began to notice a cycle in others - and unsafe cycle of Juice Cleansing in January, or going extreme with the Master Cleanse. And moms turning themselves inside out helping everyone but themselves. They all had such good intentions, but I would sometimes see women suffering for MONTHS after a well-intentioned detox or "healthy food" plan. I also understood how certain foods nourished better at different times, based on the season. That's when I decided to use my extensive skill and passion in the kitchen to create something fun and unique – where people didn’t have to go at this food journey alone, a food program that was SAFE, and delicious, and DO-ABLE.

I’ve spent years developing these cleanses, using the seasons to guide me, taking different constitutions into account. And now I'm taking it one step further - so I can help people adapt to a way of eating they can feel good about ALL the time.

Sara B, That's ME


Things kick off when you receive the materials and participate in the LIVE webinar at 7pm EST

October 17th - 19th: Prep Days

October 20th - 29th: Dump Days

4-Week Addition - REAL FOOD UnCLEANSE STARTS: November 3rd

You'll hear more about this below - keep reading...

ALL The Wicked-Great Stuff You
GET on The Fall Community Dump

  • 10 days of a DO-ABLE food cleanse program where you get to EAT (not drink) and you won't crap your pants
  • Access to a very active Community Dump FB Group - where much of the magic happens
  • Fall Dump Cookbook with A TON of tasty and easy-to-make, plant-based recipes that will change your mind about real food - with options for some animal protein (e-book format)
  • Fall Dump Guidebook that explains it all - and you can reference again and again (e-book format)
  • LIVE (but recorded) Webinar that explains it all in an easy-to-follow format, with SPECIAL GUEST EXPERTS, Q & A, and a place to send love vibes
  • Three days of Prep in your household, and PEP from everybody in the group - along with daily, beautifully-formated emails
  • Ten + Three days of daily supportive emails and active participation from me (the expert) - with super-loaded tips, additional recipes, links, exercises, love, pretty (inspiring) photography - a favourite for participants
  • Daily yoga practice...with curated classes that are PERFECT for this Dump
  • With a heavy focus on digestion, yoga, self-care, immune-building, seasonal foods, and Ayurveda cleanse influence

But wait! There's more...

  • Discount on GORGEOUS, high-end essential oils, specially chosen to enhance the Dump immensely
  • Complimentary Guided Meditation - you can download and listen to from anywhere
  • Access to FREE Yoga Classes specially designed for the annual Fall Dump - with a focus on poses perfect for amazing digestion
  • Discount on coaching with an actual Ayurveda Practitioner (online from anywhere)
  • A gorgeous Self-Care Guidebook - that alone is worth doing the Dump for (e-book format)
  • A Therapeutic TEA recipe that has been specially formulated for the participants of the Fall Community Dump by a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine - the highest-quality available to order online - or the formula to go have it made
  • Bonus Expert Guest Speakers on the Webinar include: Creator/Founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, Yoga Instructor from an Ayurveda Cleansing Centre, Nutritionist specializing in Ayurveda
  • A Quiz On Finding Your Dosha

And now that I've explained what the 10-Day Program is all about you can buy the:

COMMUNITY DUMP on its own $147

BUT WAIT! -- before you buy, let me tell you about the 4-Week Extension to the Dump - because IT is a game-changer...

Community DumpBuy Now (or wait to hear more)

What SOME OF my Community Dump lovers have to say

Peg Dunnem

After my two boys were born, my mild anxiety morphed into full blown, paralyzing anxiety. I have participated in 3 cleanses – have given up wheat (for good!) – and am super excited to announce – my anxiety is gone. Poof! Gone! Sara’s cleanse is user friendly. She provides the most delicious, comforting recipes. Her around-the-clock support and knowledge is inspiring and helpful. Both my husband and I have a much better understanding of how food affects our body and state-of-mind which makes eating a lot more fun!

Peg Dunnem, Gallery Of Stratford
Leslie Switzer

Sara's Community Cleanses have changed my life. I have participated in 4 cleanses over the past year and half and I highly recommend them. Sara’s detailed but simple to follow guidelines have made change easy for me to implement daily, off cleanse as well. Most of all I love the way I feel when I finish the cleanse. Balanced, grounded and calm, with a deep sense of inner peace.

Leslie Switzer, Certified Doula, Nia Instructor
Alyson Kent

I did my first cleanse with Sara in the fall of 2012. My experience was so positive I look forward to joining the group each time around.

Alyson Kent, Vancea Financial Group, Avon Maitland DSB Trustee



By Adding 4 More Weeks

Where Nourishment Meets Indulgence

The Community Dump + ANOTHER FOUR WEEKS = The 6-Week Real Food UnCleanse

  • 10 Days Is Brilliant - but an extra four weeks is mind-blowing and life-changing
  • Discover Your Body's Personal Hidden Code - and stop listening to the latest fad food diet
  • Have The Energy You DESERVE - so you can run around with your kids, not like a chicken with your head cut off
  • Know WHAT To Eat - so you don't stand in front of your fridge scratching your head
  • Know HOW to Prepare - so cooking a meal doesn't leave you so exhausted you fall sleep through storytime
  • Step Off The Scale - and live a guilt-free life where you ENJOY and SAVOUR every bite
  • Learn To Love Life's Little Indulgences Guilt-Free (cocktails, bacon, espresso) - because you know you want to - by preparing and consuming them properly
  • Feel Sexy Enough For a Lap Dance - with yourself
  • Enter The Holiday Season Feeling Cool, Strong, Vibrant - not floundering with fear of falling off some imaginary wagon
  • Inject A Real Food Life With Awesome, Healthy, Delicious Food - and eat that way long-term



  • Four ADDITIONAL Weeks Added To The Fall Community Dump - taking an incredible journey into something doable in real life
  • An Elimination Diet That Is FULLY supported step-by-step - if this becomes necessary
  • Designed To Take You From Cleanse To REAL LIFE - without the crash and burn, without the holiday craziness, so you're not just desperately waiting for the next Community Dump to begin
  • Session On Taking FAVOURITE RECIPES and learning to make them delicious AND super nutritious
  • Weekly Manual that includes everything you need for the next big step - with recipes, empowering knowledge and a great reference for years to come
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call Onscreen for extra support and a new lesson each week
  • Learn to make Hippy Cocktails, Bullet Coffee and other Indulgences HEALTHIER - recipes included
  • Online Group Forum - because we are rocking this as a team
  • Special Guide on the how-to's of Meal Planning - so you can take back your power
  • A 4-Week (fully optional) Meal Plan with Shopping List Guide and some of the tastiest recipes you've ever had - YUM!
  • One-To-One Coaching available at an extremely discounted rate - from me or another top practitioner

6-Week REAL FOOD UNCLEANSE (Community Dump + 4 Additional Weeks) $147 + $198 = $345

(Price increased to $445 once Dump begins)

Real Food UnCleanseBuy (it all) Now

10-Day COMMUNITY DUMP (only) $147

(40% discount on Community Dump for previous dumpers -- for either option)

Community DumpBuy Now

4-Week UnCleanse ADDITION (only) $198

4-Additional WeeksBuy Now

What SOME of my Program-lovers have to say

Jessika Guy

Sara will make you throw out everything you THOUGHT you knew about health and wellness and blow your mind…with her extensive knowledge of food and the effects of food on our bodies. She has COMPLETELY changed the way I think about food. This program isn’t about losing weight, or a “quick fix”. It is about looking at your life, your health, your well being and making changes that make sense for your body. Changes that you can REALLY fit into your everyday lives, changes you will WANT to make. I will be forever grateful for having met Sara!

Jessika Guy, Green Hair Spa
Carrie Wreford

I am a busy mother of 2 little ones who runs two businesses in Stratford. My husband & I often fall off the wagon...and end up indulging a little too much – especially when we get really busy at work. At this point we want to hit “RESTART” and that is when we have participated in Sara’s Nourish Community Dumps! Sara is an energetic, knowledgable Holistic Nutritionist who happens to be a GREAT cook and awesome mom. She is very encouraging and inspiring and has taught me A LOT when it comes to trying new ingredients, products and cooking methods. You can eat LOTS (I love to eat, and could never do a juice-only cleanse. No fad diets, here.

Carrie Wreford, Bradshaws Kitchen Detail
India Hathaway

This totally rocks!!! I don’t miss my coffee or my wine (you heard that right here people). Best cleanse I have ever done!!!!!

India Hathaway, Web Designer at Inspired By India
Ashley Srokosz

Sara’s community cleanse was the first real “cleanse” that I’ve ever done … and I’m a fellow holistic nutritionist! The recipes were tasty, I wasn’t hungry, and I felt better than I have in years. I highly recommend this community dump to anyone who is looking to clean up their diet, gain more energy, and lose a few pounds in the process.

Ashley Srokosz, RHN, Love What You Eat
Laura Inglis-Eickmeier

As someone who has “dumped with Sara” many times, I can honestly say that the best reason is simply a desire to be better. Sara’s guidance, support and knowledge has meant that every time I cleanse with her, my life ends up permanently enhanced.

Laura Inglis-Eickmeier , Avon Maitland DSC teacher
Mandy Kuelz

As a busy mom, it’s such a challenge to get on a proper health track - I didn’t know what to do, or where to start, or how to keep myself accountable.T hen i found sara. And her Community Cleanses saved me! Her Community Cleanses have become my landmark to getting back on track. If you’re feeing lost, hopeless, exhausted, living on coffee, barely eating but gaining weight, wondering how you’re ever going to get on track again THIS IS IT!

Mandy Kuelz, Norwex Mentor & Leader

6-Week REAL FOOD UNCLEANSE (Community Dump + 4 Additional Weeks) $147 + $198 = $345

(Price increased to $445 once Dump begins)

10-Day COMMUNITY DUMP (only) $147

(40% discount on Community Dump for previous dumpers with either choice)

Real Food UnCleanseBuy (it all) Now
Community DumpBuy Now

4-Week UnCleanse ADDITION (only) $198

4-Additional WeeksBuy Now

What You Need Is Simple...

You want to sit by the fire with a cocktail, have a pile of ENERGY to play house with your kids, fit back into your SEXY skinny jeans, get EXCITED by food (not scared), spend more time in the tub, ENJOY your kitchen experience, feel less pressure to be perfect, and indulge in your GUILT-FREE life.

I want that for you!


Things kick off when you receive the materials and participate in the LIVE webinar at 7pm EST

October 17th - 19th: Prep Days

October 20th - 29th: Dump Days

October 30th - November 2nd: A few days to keep cleansing or go bananas on cheeseburgers...

4-Week Addition - REAL FOOD UnCLEANSE STARTS: November 3rd

And so begins our 4-additional week journey - ending November 30th

Who Is The Community Dump For?

  • The Dump and The UnCleanse are NOT for people who want to take a pill and stay out of the kitchen.
  • The Dump and The UnCleanse are NOT for people who can't use a blender, chop vegetables, find a bit of time to prep ahead.
  • The Dump and The UnCleanse ARE FOR those who want to feel AMAZING, and learn A TON, and eat clean but DELICIOUS food.
  • The UnCleanse is for people who love food and love life...and want to keep enjoying them.

But WILL I HAVE TIME to prepare all the food?

Most of the Dump Recipes are designed with the busy mom in mind. For those food ideas that take a bit longer, I’ll be sharing some Top Secret Best Ways of SAVING TIME IN THE KITCHEN. If you take a bit of extra time to get prepared, “no time” won’t be an issue.

In the Real Food UnCleanse we are tackling the too-busy-to-cook issue HEAD-ON. Not only will the meal plans help - you're going to learn to do this for yourself moving forward - a powerful way to beat this issue.

Are the recipes easy to follow? Do they taste good?

The recipes are DELICIOUS. And designed with the amateur, busy cook in mind. They are easy enough for anyone to follow. And you may discover some recipes that will become a staple in your household.

You will not be drinking your food, or eating chalky-tasting, dry or flavourless food. I love you too much for that. Going forward into the UnCleanse there will be incredibly tasty foods, like chocolate pudding and fancy cocktails.

Do I HAVE TIME to do this right now? What if I have a dinner party to go to?

The Community Dump is ONLY 10 DAYS. These 10 days go by with a blink of an eye. And after 5 days you feel so good you might never want it to stop - which is why I have something there for you when you get to that point. If you have a party during the Dump then you can use my How To Cleanse At A Dinner Party hand-out for assistance OR plan dinner/dinner parties with a fellow cleanser.

During the Real Food UnCleanse I ENCOURAGE dinner parties. Woot!

What if I have to give up something I love?

You don’t have to permanently give up ANYTHING. For the duration of the cleanse you will have to likely remove some foods that you currently crave – and you will miss them – but consider this a trial-run – if you want to return them to your diet when the Dump is finished then go for it. If you feel better without them you may be ready to give them up. If you're looking for a way to get rid of certain foods you crave for a little while and need support to do it then stick around for an additional 4 weeks on the Real Food UnCleanse.

Will I get enough protein while cleansing? Can I work-out?

This is a common concern - the Dump may contain less protein than you may be used to - particularly animal protein - but it’s only for a short time.

As for working out, it is wise to slow down during a cleansing period. Gentle exercise is still encouraged. Adding something new and intense is not.

You may return to your normal work-outs and protein intake during the Real Food UnCleanse.

Will I be hungry?

You will not be hungry. You can eat as MUCH as you want, until your belly feels good. And when you get eat again. If you normally consume a lot of animal protein you will need to eat MORE than you are used to. While there is a small optional amount of light animal protein allowed, this is almost 100% plant-based.

But can I afford the cost of the program?

With everything you gain in those entire 10 days - can you afford NOT to??

Besides, you get me everyday for 14 days during the Dump - and then almost 4-weeks constantly after that if you do the UnCleanse – a 6-month coaching package with me is priced at $1050 – and a full, individual cleanse protocol is priced at $650. You are saving hundreds of dollars (0r more) participating with a group.

Naturopaths, TCM Doctors, Homeopaths – all amazing practitioners. But you invest a LOT of money in seeing them. This entire program is a fraction of that. However, when you are ready to see another practitioner you will be that much more prepared. You will have covered some major food-basics. And you will get so much more out of your experience with them.

A payment plan can be arranged, if necessary. Please email me (Sara) directly for a 2-payment or 3-payment option.

Take Action Now

6-Week REAL FOOD UNCLEANSE (Community Dump + 4 Additional Weeks) $147 + $198 = $345

(Price increased to $445 once Dump begins)

10-Day COMMUNITY DUMP (only) $147

(40% discount on Community Dump for previous dumpers with either choice)

Real Food UnCleanseBuy (it all) Now
Community DumpBuy Now

4-Week UnCleanse ADDITION (only) $198

4-Additional WeeksBuy Now