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Mama Dump Blog Contest WINNERS

The winners are definitely anyone who gets the chance to do this thing for themselves. That is a given. But… Wow. Like…that was hard. The entries were tricky to sift through. Some because they made laugh so hard I had to pee…and some because they left me feeling profoundly shaken,  and made me desperately want to give away Mama […]

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Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank you for your purchase. It was successful. You will be added to the program.

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{WCD} Sample Meal Plans

SAMPLE MEAL PLAN  DAY ONE — Stage One Wake-up: Hot Water with Lemon Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ramekin or Avocado Lunch: Lentil Soup Dinner: Beef Curry, Curried Cauliflower OR Cauliflower “Rice” Snack Options: Bean Dip w Veggies DAY TWO — Stage One Wake-up: Chai Coconut Milk (gently heated) Breakfast: Coconut Yogurt with Lanola Lunch: leftover Beef Curry Dinner: Turkey […]

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Lunch - featured image soup

Thank-YOU for joining the challenge

THANK YOU for joining our super supportive, ultra fabulous group. xo One more thing…when you have a chance, hop on over to our Facebook Group and request to join. This is as important a part of the challenge as anything. Let’s do this TOGETHER! Join: 30-DAY LUNCHBOX CHALLENGE FB GROUP Thanks! And watch your inbox for […]

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Real Food LUNCH BOX: Green Smoothie For Kids

Last week we talked about The Smoothie – and how delightful it is for your kids to receive one in a lunch box. But a GREEN SMOOTHIE FOR KIDS? How do you think they’d feel about THAT one? Would it completely gross them out before they even had a chance to try it? Benefits of […]

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