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RED DOT DIARIES: THINX Period Underwear Review | Nourish

RED DOT DIARIES: A (probably too honest) THINX Period Underwear Review

Ah. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. My *probably too honest* THINX period underwear review. Yeah, that’s right. PERIOD UNDERWEAR. Underwear you wear during your period, that catches all the blood. Instead of using other things. If you are grossed out by blood…don’t read this. Okay, now that that’s out of the way. I […]

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when bleeding hurts our hearts

RED DOT DIARIES: When Bleeding Hurts Our Hearts

When bleeding hurts our hearts: A Personal Period Piece about another thing we don’t talk about… Miscarriage. Yeah, that word no one wants to say. I’m about to get my first period in awhile. I’m so excited. (I’m really not.) It’s surprisingly emotional. I guess this is a series about menstruating, but I suppose it’s […]

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RED DOT DIARIES: Cleansing for Awesome Periods | Nourish Real Food

RED DOT DIARIES: Cleansing for Awesome Periods

Cleansing for awesome periods? Can you pair “periods” and “awesome” together? Well yeah…sometimes you can. I have an insanely good, spring-food, asparagus slaw recipe for you below. YAY! But first… As you may know, I began this period series with the hope that sharing stories will make us all feel less alone through this thing […]

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RED DOT DIARIES: Yummy Foods That Reduce Bloating | Nourish Real Food

RED DOT DIARIES: Yummy Foods That Reduce Bloating + Recipe

Why do I need to eat yummy foods that reduce bloating? Weeeeelllll! Gawwwwwwwd it’s annoying. I’M SO BLOATED!!! Like an instant extra five pounds, top button undone, long for the moment my bra comes off, give me some bubbly water and you can totally roll me right out of the door. Yep. You guessed it. I’m […]

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RED DOT DIARIES: Memoirs of a Menstruating Young Person | Nourish Real Food

RED DOT DIARIES: Memoirs of a Menstruating Young Person

BLEEDING YOUNG I got my period VERY young. Traumatically young. Insanely devastatingly young. Oh life as a menstruating young person… SO GREAT! I guess it’s not insanely abnormal having an early period. At least these days. But wow…it still sucked. No one else had it. Well…except one girl in my class. Thank god our moms […]

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Red Dot Diaries: Celebrate Bleeding | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

RED DOT DIARIES: Celebrate Bleeding (and a new beginning)

It’s the first day of spring. Doesn’t hearing the word “spring” feel magical. A time of renewal and beginning. Where bleeding is worth celebrating. Wait! Bleeding is whaaaaaaaaaat?  Yep, it’s true. Periods ARE ALSO like new beginnings. Renewal. Time to start again. Another cycle begins. And so it goes… Here we can celebrate bleeding… Spring is […]

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