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Potato Salad For Kids | Nourish Real Food

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Potato Salad For Kids

There are a couple reasons I love potato salad for kids. First…you can put ANYTHING in there, it seems, and they’ll eat it. So I chock it full of veggies, eggs, fresh herbs — and they eat it. Perfect. Second…it reminds me (and them) of the warmer season of spring. It’s a feeling. A feeling […]

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GUEST POST: Celebrating Preschool Lunches | Lilly Steirer

Real Food LUNCH BOX GUEST POST: Celebrating Preschool Lunches

At a back-to-school night this past year, my daughter’s preschool teacher briefly spoke about the kid’s lunches and said simply “Just remember what you pack for your child now sets the stage for future lunches”. As a parent, I thought… So. Much. Pressure. And yet, I had this knee jerk instinct to jump up and […]

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Raspberry Coconut Overnight Oats | Nourish Real Food

Raspberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Raspberry and coconut are one of my favourite combinations EVER. I use it HERE. So obviously, raspberry coconut overnight oats are going to make me completely FREAK OUT with happiness. (hah) And I hope they do for you, also. I have yet to figure out why overnight oats complete me so. I mean, why are they any […]

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Rainbow Your School Lunch Bento | Kath O'Malley

Guest Post: Rainbow your School Lunch Bentos

What’s so hard about making a school lunch exactly? A few friends have been quite stressed about it.  The time it takes, what to make and will their kids eat it. Is it really that hard? Yes, it can be. Mentally. It’s yet another thing to plan and do. And yet, I don’t find it hard. (Note:  What […]

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Kefir Peach Overnight Oats | Nourish Real Food

Kefir Peach Overnight Oats

I could get the hang of this Healthy Instant Breakfast thing. Seriously! Kefir Peach Overnight Oats. My new addiction. Easy to digest. Delicious! Fast. Filling. Instant. HELLO! AND KID-FRIENDLY. Need to get your kids out the door quickly? Send them with breakfast ALREADY MADE. Already in its own travel jar. It would work just fine […]

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Intuitive Eating For Kids | Guest Blogger Christina Vanvuren

GUEST POST: Intuitive Eating for Kids

What was dinner time like when you were little? Was is fun or stressful? Was it a time of connection? Did it end with negative emotions? Has it affected your relationship with food? Finishing your meal in my childhood home was mandatory. There were threats of no dessert, guilt trips about how much money was […]

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good breakfast for kids

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Breakfast Before School

My posts haven’t been frequent lately. No…not at all. But my focus on lunches has waned a little. Not because I dislike making them. But my emphasis lately has been on something we tend to take less consideration for. BREAKFAST Now, my daughter is a crap-eater. I’m not going to lie. I send her a […]

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Weekly Inspirations #25: Back-To-School Lunchbox

Weekly? Hah! This is my first List Post of 2014. I guess I just had too many other things to talk about. But it’s back! This week! In time for some back-to-school lunchbox action and INSPIRATION. xoxo Fun Back-To-School Lunchbox Stuff: Follow me on my new Instagram account, Realfoodlunchbox, for fun lunch packing ideas 5 […]

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top lunchbox accessories | Nourish Real Food

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Top Lunchbox Accessories 2014

Of course it’s getting to be that time of year again. LUNCHBOX TIME! Something many of you dread. But happens to be a time I get excited about. (I work from home so I will make a lunch in exchange for a quiet house for 5 hours ANYDAY – haha.) But seriously…you’re soon going to […]

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summer camp lunchbox | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Summer Camp Lunchbox Season

Hey you. Excited school lunches are DONE? Time to CELEBRATE? Well…guess what? Summer Camp Lunch Season is here. And IT’S almost HARDER to pack for. A) Because you NEED A BREAK and feel it’s totally unfair. Haha! B) Because most camps don’t have air conditioning. THAT means a potential lunch disaster if mayonnaise is involved. […]

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organic strawberries

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Last-Week Healthy Lunchbox Meal Plan

THAT’S RIGHT! It’s the last week of school and NO ONE cares about building an awesome lunch box. But think of how cool a parent you’d seem if you did. Now you can. THIS is a one-of-a-kind Healthy Lunchbox Meal Plan and it’s seasonal theme is…STRAWBERRIES! So here we go…FOUR DAYS of Lunchbox Meal Plans […]

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homemade freezer pops | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Homemade Freezer Pops

Strawberry season has begun. And WITH IT…a need to eat as many as possible in one sitting. But it’s ALSO warm weather season. Which means a need to keep your lunchbox cold. Which means… Strawberry Homemade Freezer Pops This is the MOST fun way EVER to keep your child’s lunchbox chilled when the weather is […]

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