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BURN YOUR CAPE: Is the “Santa Lie” A Lie?

When I was a pretentious 20 year old who knew everything I declared many things about my future in parenting: my kids would never watch t.v., never eat food dye in their life, I would practice yoga daily no matter how busy parenting got, and so fourth – one of the declarations was this: I […]

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Violet taking a Mental Health Day - cause she

BURN YOUR CAFE: Mental Health Day

Today my daughter woke up and declared she wasn’t going to school. Me: “Oh DEAR. Are you sick? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?” Violet: “Nothing’s wrong. I just need to stay home.” OH!!! I am just finishing up a bout of my first-ever “FLU” – like the big, bad one that everyone takes enormous precautions […]

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