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the Dalai Mamas - our band

BURN YOUR CAPE: Music & the Dalai Mamas

How do YOU find joy, release tension, express yourself creatively? As moms we are “busy” people. As women of the work world we never stop. But finding an outlet is essential for EVERYBODY!!!! And this girl knows how to find herself an outlet WEEKLY – now that she’s burning her cape and all. My lil’ […]

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BURN YOUR CAPE: caffeine addiction on an ‘Ice’ Day

I can sort anything out – no power, no heat, no problem. What I’m less good at? …waking up with absolutely no access to a morning espresso. Yes…this nutritionist is addicted to ONE LIL’ SHOT OF ESPRESSO – every morning. Without it I suck as a human being. I’ve discussed giving this up. Larry has […]

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View from our Villa

Mexico – ultimate CAPE BURNING experience

A few days in and Mexico is one heck of a place to vacation!!! I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and really feel RELAXED and peaceful….and warm. And I’ve also learned plenty, so far: Babies are awesome. I sort of forget sometimes, not being around them often. They have so much fun with ANYTHING.  Waking up to […]

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My sister & I

BURN YOUR CAPE: grieving

“Grieving is a funny thing.” I write a nutrition blog. And I know there are many things connected to food that aren’t just food. I’m still not going to FILL my posts with the fact that I lost someone really great. BUT… I’m on this new journey. It’s a “cape burning” journey. One that requires […]

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Carolyn Bradford


I’m not going to take a lot of time to write this morning. One year ago today the most beautiful person I’ve ever met passed away. The best way for me to commemorate her is to play the song she loved so much – this is a Johnny Mathis song she made me play at […]

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The "cleansiest" UN-cleanse food around -- SOUP

BURN YOUR CAPE: The UN-cleanse

This is a confusing time. Seriously – everywhere you look there are shakes and boot camps, fad-diets and broken promises…How do you sort this out? I’ll tell you how – don’t do it. DON’T do a juice cleanse in January…DON’T buy into the claim of weight loss by meal replacement as healthy…DON’T go from NOTHING […]

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tea time

BURN YOUR CAPE: new traditions

I woke up this New Year’s Day and felt amazing, grateful and quiet – (it was 4:50 am). This year we partook in our OWN celebration, right here, at the Bradford/McCabe residence…just some afternoon tea, simple kid-friendly dinner and p.j.’s by 8pm. (No, I did not make it to midnight – not even close – […]

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lovely breakfast

BURN YOUR CAPE: expectations

I just had the most wonderfully enlightening last few holiday days…as I dreaded entering the first Christmas without my mom, the matriarch, the centre of this season, her birthday…I filled it with the idea that life just goes on (which it does). It’s complicated. First, I wanted to skip it entirely and go to Mexico. […]

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shortbread & gingerbread cookies

BURN YOUR CAPE: holiday happiness

How does one let go of “perfection” and burn their cape at Christmas Time? If there was EVER a time to burn your cape it’s NOW. Seriously. I had a present-buying anxiety attack today. I honestly thought I would get off scott-free this year. No craziness. I’m really trying to down my crazy. BUT…I’ve waited […]

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real-as-they-come look


Hello. My name is Sara Bradford. And I am a recovering supermom… The idea behind Burn Your Cape is not about denying your superpowers. It’s not about ignoring the stress or busyness in our lives — it’s about DEALING with it. It’s about dealing with it in a way that doesn’t feel like your head […]

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Last year

BURN YOUR CAPE: Is the “Santa Lie” A Lie?

When I was a pretentious 20 year old who knew everything I declared many things about my future in parenting: my kids would never watch t.v., never eat food dye in their life, I would practice yoga daily no matter how busy parenting got, and so fourth – one of the declarations was this: I […]

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Violet taking a Mental Health Day - cause she

BURN YOUR CAFE: Mental Health Day

Today my daughter woke up and declared she wasn’t going to school. Me: “Oh DEAR. Are you sick? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?” Violet: “Nothing’s wrong. I just need to stay home.” OH!!! I am just finishing up a bout of my first-ever “FLU” – like the big, bad one that everyone takes enormous precautions […]

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