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No Bullshit Sara Bradford Approach | Nourish Real Food

BURN YOUR CAPE: No Bullshit Sara Bradford Approach

I love to write. Starting a blog was one of the smartest things I ever did. A creative journey that was mostly for me, but a way to share to the world in the form of healthy, real food. So what is it about writing a blog that makes me so happy? I think it’s […]

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BURN YOUR CAPE Guest Post: Give Yourself Permission

BURN YOUR CAPE Guest Post: Give Yourself Permission

Here is something you may not hear many nutritionists admit: Eating clean all.the.time is EXHAUSTING. AND…making huge dietary change overnight is not always a necessity. In fact, it could be more detrimental to your health than what you are doing currently. Whoa.   Okay, as a disclaimer: if you have known coeliac, SIBO, or other […]

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5 Unique Selfie Ideas by Kendra Kantor

BURN YOUR CAPE Guest Post: 5 Unique Selfie Ideas

One of the biggest struggles I find in my clients (and myself!) when taking self portraits is that they don’t really want to just take a straight on shot. It can feel vain, or scary, to just take a picture of you looking at the camera. I get that, sometimes I don’t want to look […]

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Meal Time Chaos to Meal Time Bliss | Anastasia Hendryanto

GUEST POST: Meal Time Chaos to Meal Time Bliss

The kids are back in school and evenings are again filled with various activities. The slow rhythm of family dinners over the holidays has been replaced with the hectic pace of January’s packed schedule. Wouldn’t it be nice to change meal time chaos to meal time bliss? There is something comforting about slipping back into […]

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3 Secrets To A Calm Mom | Love What You Eat

GUEST POST: 3 Secrets That’ll Turn You Into A Calm Mom, by Love What You Eat

Introducing my fellow colleague RHN and dear friend – Ashley Srokosz of Love What You Eat. She is going to tell you her story, and give you some amazing tips for KEEPING YOUR INNER-MAMA CALM. She also talks about her upcoming 30-Day Calm Mom Challenge. So BURN YOUR CAPE, MAMAS, and read on: My anxiety and […]

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  Well, isn’t THAT a term we all dream of: “Keeping It Simple”. I like to think I’m a fairly chill parent about certain things – when I’m not being high-strung. I’m also somewhat creative. And LOVE TO INDULGE my kids’ creativity. But BIRTHDAY PARTIES?? They stress me out… I don’t think I’m alone. EVERY […]

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Ultimate Indulgence - the tart


Same ^#&&!(*&! every year: How to avoid the bulge, How to do a juice cleanse in January, Watch portion sizes, Skip the cookies, Drink water instead of booze. Um…..BORING!!! We are all gonna indulge. And sometimes…we just should. What’s wrong with feeling a bit gross? Because once in a while you need to feel gross, […]

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Fall stroll in the woods

BURN YOUR CAPE: Ayurveda Style for ME

I am running another Community Dump. This time it’s an Ayurvedic Cleanse – particularly designed for Fall and preparing the body for winter. It began Thursday evening with a meeting and is officially starting TODAY. What is different about THIS cleanse for ME? I’m actually participating… WHAT? You don’t ALWAYS participate? Hmmm….let me tell you […]

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Oscar rockin

BURN YOUR CAPE: Blue Mountain Vacation

I have never really considered Collingwood a place to vacation. I’m not a skier (thank the lord – vertigo & klutzy) and I once went on a HORRIBLE blind-date – he surprised me by taking me to Collingwood – and we got STORM-STAYED. And it was a disaster I don’t care to write about. Guh. […]

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hot red shoes

BURN YOUR CAPE: At The Horse Races

A crazy world – that’s what this is. I know more NOW about horse racing – after one day – than I thought I’d know in a lifetime. Ha. This has nothing to do with food. Or nutrition. But CAPE BURNING!! Well…there is simply something to be said about putting on your new red shoes, […]

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breast exam

BURN YOUR CAPE: BRCA Gene & Angelina’s Decision

I’ve been on a bit of a “blogging hiatus” for a week. It’s taken me this long to process an article I read last week – and figure out how to respond to it. Last week Angelina Jolie wrote an article that was published in the New York Times. It created a whole pile of […]

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mom & I

How do YOU celebrate Mother’s Day?

Do you have a mom? Are you a mom? Yes, I know this Hallmark holiday sells a lot of cards BUT – REALLY – why not??? We rule. Our moms rule. Why on EARTH wouldn’t we celebrate our/their awesomeness? Some of you know how I intend to spend Mother’s Day morning. But when I return […]

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