Egg Salad Sandwich

Real Food LUNCH BOX #7 – Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

Let’s talk for a minute about Violet’s obsession with egg salad sandwiches. First discovered on our kid/mom train trip to Toronto pre-kindergarten – she’s never looked back. So how do you pimp out an egg salad sandwich. I use a few methods… (some work, some don’t) Cookie Cutter Sandwich. Why I just discovered this is […]

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Real Food LUNCH BOX: Bits N Bites

Bits ‘n Bites! Do you remember this snack? It’s still around, I think. This was my favourite snack when I was a kid. I used to save up my money every week so I could purchase a little bag of these from the Grade Eight Fundraiser table. I’m sure it was a little too “junk […]

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Oscar and his Lunch Chart

Real Food LUNCH BOX: The Lunch Chart

Why a lunch chart? Well, I am feeling uninspired. I think it’s because I’m STILL FULL from Thanksgiving madness. Interesting – I would say my meal was rather Whole-Food-Like. I just ate toooooo much. Guh. Nux Vomica here I come. (homeopathic remedy in case you’re wondering) Certainly using leftovers would make a fine lunch ALL […]

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Asian Chicken Soup - with peas

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Whole Chicken

A whole chicken is a wonderful thing. There are enormous things you can do with a whole bird. I understand the IDEA of convenience when buying it in parts. But what a waste. Why why why when you can benefit from the enormous health benefits of eating the whole thing. Buy whole chickens for many […]

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Homemade Fruit Leather recipe | Nourish Real Food

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Homemade Fruit Leather

I am so very pleased with myself. Homemade Fruit Leather or “Fruit Roll-Up”. I remember getting fruit roll-ups in my lunch all the time. My mom was definitely considered a health-food-nut compared to most of my friend’s moms. She thought what she was giving me was real. Well…now I can pass this tradition on but […]

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Using ingredients for an already-prepared lunch

Real Food LUNCH BOX #2: Natural Bought Foods

This is usually the busiest week of the year. Savour Stratford. Our city is privileged to be a part of such an amazing event. And I can’t help but get involved every year. Then every year rolls around and I end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off. On top of […]

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Fajita Chicken marinating

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Lunchbox leftovers

Hi. Have you recovered yet? It’s one week in and we are ‘starting’ to find order and get our groove back. The internet has been filled with lunch box ideas – some inspiring, some not-so-much. I get asked SO regularly for lunch ideas I knew one little post would never do it justice. So…I’m starting […]

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NUTRITION SURVIVAL GUIDE for Serving in Restaurants PART 1

I have disappeared from Blog Land this summer. I have good reason…I’m working in my partner’s restaurant. This industry in Stratford, during the Shakespeare Festival season, is nuts. And doesn’t exactly cater to a whole foods lifestyle. Throw in a chaotic pre-theatre rush and it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced. I’ve been out a few […]

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Hydrating Elixir | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

DRINK ME…staying hydrated the healthy way

Summer and Sunshine! Today is gorgeous. And hot. It’s getting closer to the end of the school year. And we are anxious now. THIS is the time we most enjoy the sunshine…when darkness first gives way…in late Spring. But it’s also the time to be more cautious. Our baby skin has not been exposed all […]

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My beautiful mom, with me looking at her

Family Day (in Mom’s honour)

It’s Family Day!! This is the perfect time for to me honour the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I’ve known her for all my 35 years. She is my mama. Why now? Why not Mother’s Day? Well…you may have noticed my sudden absence from the Blog-es-phere. I was in the middle of running an […]

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Poached Egg on Sweet Potato Latke with Cilantro Sauce

Post Holiday Body Blahs

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you – but I feel gross. It doesn’t take much, really. A few days of eating…well, anything! and you just don’t feel yourself any longer. Throw in a couple of rum & eggnog’s and some chocolate covered almonds that happened to be lying around…suddenly there are rolls […]

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Grains floating in kefir water

Kefir World

I’m going to share with you the awesomeness of Water Kefir Grains!!!! I’m so excited. Yum. Water Kefir who????? This is Water Kefir. Kefir is a good bacteria that multiplies in the gut, when consumed, to help combat goodies like bad microbes and parasites. It’s the stuff we want in there. In many cultures fermented […]

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