Valentine’s Day: Binge on Healthy Sex Instead of Chocolate

Food for thought: This Valentine’s Day…why not binge on healthy sex instead of chocolate? (even if the chocolate is “healthy-ish)

What? A good healthy sex binge? Hello!!

Valentine's Day: Binge On Healthy Sex Instead Of Chocolate | Nourish Real Food

Today the world goes bananas on chocolate and cinnamon hearts and heart-shaped cookies… things that are supposed to make us feel love and loved? No wonder we’re all fucked up about sugar. We associate this “holiday”…MOST holidays…with sugar. Sugar. Sugar sugar sugar. In the darkness of February I suppose a day of endorphins and raised serotonin resulting is super appealing.

But what if there were better things to get off on?

Forget chocolate. Forget oysters. Nothing releases feel-good endorphins, and gets your heart rate up, like a good ol’ round in the sack. Yeah, sex is healthy AND fun. Why isn’t anybody talking about THAT today?

And a bit of self-love? I get that not all of you have someone you can make love to today. But making love with yourself is ALSO healthy and satisfying and FUN… (and sometimes more fun).

So…why is sex healthy? Why should this be a part of a weekly (or daily) routine? Or at LEAST a Valentine’s Day ritual?


Obviously, sex can be GREAT exercise. You don’t even have to be that creative about it. Sex burns calories as good as any gym workout, increases your heart rate like a good run on any treadmill, and strengthens your body AND your core AND your pelvic floor. What? All that at once? YAY!

Also…they say the best exercise is the type you have the most fun doing. Enough said! And you NEED your exercise. Everybody needs their exercise…

Sure beats a day or night of binge-watching someone else having sexy-time on Netflix.


Sex decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, which leads to a plethora of (or almost all) health issues. Any chance to decrease cortisol is a good one.

Sex can also can assist in regulating your period. (I have found this to be true.) So if your cycle is all wack-a-doodle, crawling into the sack on a more regular basis may help get that sorted (studies have shown).

Prolactin (and oxytocin) helps promote sleep. (Sweet dreams…)

Oxytocin is considered a bit of a love hormone — another feel-good things released when you’re rolling in the hay. This is the hormone that creates that feeling of “falling in love”, and plays a roll in childbirth, lactation, bonding, etc.

DHEA is the anti-aging hormone, produced from love making, that keeps you looking youthful and ALSO helps decrease depression.


Ooooooo….we like endorphins. They make you feeeeeeeel gooooood by triggering a positive feeling in the body. Sex releases endorphins (hooray). And endorphins do things like:

  • Induce a decent sleep (which we all need to be healthy humans — and don’t get enough of).
  • Provide natural pain relief (increases pain threshold AND can relieve menstrual cramps by contracting the uterus).
  • Again…feels so super good…by releasing the neurotransmitter Dopamine — which feels like eating a box of chocolate or holding your baby for the first time or soaking up sunshine on the beach when a warm breeze whips through.
  • Make you feel happier or less stressed, in general.


I discussed Oxytocin above, under the Hormone section. But oxytocin plays a roll in digestion, as well. Sex and oxytocin decrease cortisol, as discussed earlier, which prevents the digestive system from shutting down because you’re not shutting down the parasympathetic system. Yay! Oxytocin also improves gut motility (peristalsis) and decreases inflammation in the intestinal tract.

And…it gets released when any kind of bonding occurs, like eating a meal with loved ones — which in turn helps with digestion. Perhaps sex (with yourself) before a meal is a positive thing, if you’re eating alone?


It boosts the immune system by increasing IgA antibody that helps fight infection. But it also BUILDS the immune system, by decreasing stress in general (stress kills) and the helpful IgA antibody helps protect the body from getting sick in the first place.

So…let’s see. Having sex makes your immune system strong, your pelvic floor strong, your endorphin levels strong, your body strong, and just about a million other things…??? I have a feeling you want to feel strong today 🙂

Strong is the new sexy! 

And a shout-out to my friends over at Sinvention Boutique here in Stratford (and online). Check them out today if you’re looking for a way to feel strong and sexy and healthy — and you feel like doing it solo.

Valentine's Day: Binge On Healthy Sex Instead Of Chocolate | Nourish Real Food

Have fun making love today. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sara xo

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