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Harvest Series: Kohlrabi | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Harvest Series: 5 Reasons To Eat Kohlrabi

I’m a little obsessed with kohlrabi. (Which is why, for the first of my harvest series, kohlrabi is the star.) It isn’t weird. It really isn’t. I give you 5 reasons to eat kohlrabi. When I was little we ate a LOT of raw turnip. My father hated most vegetables cooked but he loved many […]

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The Truth About Green Smoothies | Nourish Real Food

The Truth About Green Smoothies

As I embark on another Community Cleanse there are things I feel compelled to be completely upfront about. And this is a big one: Green smoothies aren’t for everybody! Yeah, I KNOW… THIS shouldn’t be a “controversial” discussion. But it sure usually ends up that way. I think the biggest misconception we have as humans is […]

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  Well, isn’t THAT a term we all dream of: “Keeping It Simple”. I like to think I’m a fairly chill parent about certain things – when I’m not being high-strung. I’m also somewhat creative. And LOVE TO INDULGE my kids’ creativity. But BIRTHDAY PARTIES?? They stress me out… I don’t think I’m alone. EVERY […]

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Real Food LUNCH BOX: Coconut Chicken Strips

I’m always trying to recreate the chicken strip. Because kids LOVE ‘EM. And because the store-bought ones are nasty.  Coconut chicken strips are nice because they come out so MOIST. And a bit sweet. If your kids hate coconut or aren’t a fan of the “sweet” part I’ve included a coconut-free version below. These coconut […]

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lunch box salad kabob | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Salad Kabob

The Salad Kabob! It’s not mysterious. Or life-changing. It’s chunks of vegetables on a skewer that will trick your child into eating what’s on it. That’s it. Period. It’s true – there are so many reasons to get kids eating vegetables. And salads. But that might mean you cut it into a funny shape. Or […]

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Easter-Themed Lunch Box| Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Easter-Themed Lunch

I thought to share my Easter-Themed lunch box inspirations from this week’s lunches. Maybe it’s a bit silly but sometimes the little things bring the greatest joy — halfway through a potentially boring or long school day. So why not?! It’s the same types of foods I send ANYWAYS…I just threw in a bit of […]

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You get to eat this

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Lamb Tagine

Don’t be afraid. Lamb Tagine sounds weird. And sounds scary. But it is a wonderful way to introduce kids to lamb. It’s sweet, a bit spicy, and YUMMY. And it works wonders in a lunch box. I recently interviewed Vicki Lass on a Lunchbox Kitchen episode, featuring: EGGS. She and her husband, Max, own Churchhill […]

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Worm composting | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Worm Composting is AWESOME

That’s it. It’s simple. Everyone should have one of these babies in their HOUSE. And yes…that’s what I said…Worm Composting…IN YOUR HOUSE. But why…? Because it turns your waste into gold. Because you can take food scraps (the stuff you throw in the garbage because you’re too lazy to go to the OUTDOOR COMPOST) and […]

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Real Food Lunch Box Buckwheat Quinoa Granola | Nourish Real Food

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Buckwheat Quinoa Granola

A lot of granola out there just really isn’t great. It’s either not that tasty — or it can practically put you into diabetic-shock. And the thing I realized years ago is that it doesn’t need to be that way. This Buckwheat Quinoa Granola is just the thing your kid’s LUNCH BOX was calling for. Naturally-sweetened (and not […]

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St. Paddy’s Day – Anniversary Of My LESS IS MORE Story

Today is March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. A day often celebrated by my husband’s side as they are all Irish. A day I have been known to go drink a Guinness “just because”. But THIS day will no longer mean Irish-relatives and green lunches anymore. THIS is the anniversary of the day by health […]

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Real Food Lunch Box Club Sandwich | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Club Sandwich

It seems a simple thing. To make a sandwich. Pack it in a lunch box. Send it to school. So why is it something we AGONIZE OVER? Is it because Sally hates sandwiches? Or Tommy is being rebellious? Or is it simply that we are SICK OF making the same darn lunch box sandwich every […]

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cauliflower crust pizza | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Cauliflower Crust Pizza (is not weird)

There are some things that simply CANNOT be replaced. A really good, traditional pizza crust is one of them. HOWEVER…this cauliflower crust pizza is NOT a traditional crusted pizza. Is it? It’s made out of VEGETABLES. And while that may seem weird – when you think about it – it’s kind of wonderful. You get […]

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Pancake day | 3 ingredient pancake | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

Real Food LUNCH BOX: Pancake Day — 3 ingredient pancake

So…it’s Shrove Tuesday…or better known as “Pancake Day”. And while traditionally a day to use up all the flour and milk and eggs in the house, it’s become a day in our house that means EATING PANCAKES FOR DINNER. But honestly…pancakes make an unusually terrific lunch box item. I was interviewed once for a t.v. […]

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