7 Delicious Ways to Hydrate

Thirsty? Here are 7 delicious ways to hydrate. Because you may be mildly dehydrated. EEK. (And also thirsty for better health and more energy.) What exactly happens when you’re dehydrated? Well…it turns out, a LOT happens.

The summer days are slowly slipping away. The evenings are cooler. The days shorter. Wasn’t it only yesterday I could go for a walk at 9:30pm and it was still warm and light out?

Yep, nights are cooler. But the days are still hot. The sun still burns. And you are still drinking cocktails on the dock, or having a beer in the backyard, or playing soccer under the sun. This all means you are likely not as liquified as you need to be. Liquified? That sounds yucky. I mean hydrated.

Dehydration is a real thing. And it doesn’t have to be severe to affect you in big ways that should be obvious, but often aren’t.

Spa Water

The main things affected by mild dehydration?




Waking up in the night? So often it’s because you’ve had a glass of wine at dinner, or forgot to drink water all day. It literally wakes you up.


Your body doesn’t know when to turn it off. Are you WEIRDLY HUNGRY? Have a glass of water because you’re likely ACTUALLY thirsty.


Well this one isn’t fun at all.


We all know what that means… You’re working up a sweat, but you’re not losing any weight. Are you replacing your water?


This is the worst one of all. Research clearly shows that lack of liquid increases cortisol. It also affects concentration and short-term memory.

The good news is: Getting enough water and liquid into you doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s easy to forget to drink a gallon of water, but you don’t actually need to drink a gallon of water. Especially if you slow down or limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. (Or drink your white wine filled with bubbly water for a nice spritzer. AMAZING how much a difference that truly makes.)

7 Delicious Ways to Rehydrate

My favourite ways to avoid getting dehydrated include:

1) Rehydrating Elixir. I drink this ALL THE TIME in the summer. It’s so delicious. And it’s especially helpful to get me feeling hydrated FAST (like if I’m ill or something). Full of electrolytes. REALLY yummy. Recipe HERE.

2) Spa Water. Drinking water can get boring. I get it. But throw in some lemon, and things rise to the next level. If you’d like some spa water inspiration (using fruit and vegetables and herbs) get an easy Recipe HERE

3) Bubbly Water. What is it about adding a bit of spritz to your water, that makes it so much more drinkable?

4) Herbal Tea. Well, duh. This is a lot less appealing in the warmer months, but not if you drink it as Iced Tea.

5) Chilled Soups. Why hello gazpacho.

6) Eat Your Water. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST WAY TO DO IT. Fruits and veggies are packed with water. Some are almost completely water. Eat more cucumber, greens, watermelon, celery ESPECIALLY.

7) Cold-Pressed Green Juices. Make if yourself OR discover a local company that makes them.

Pick a couple of your favourite ways to hydrate.  Then you can wade your way back from anxiety, stress, weight-gain, constipation, poor sleep in a really fun and easy way. Then keep things going straight into fall, when you’re REALLY going to need to get with it. (Oh, September stress is coming…)

Don’t avoid the Vitamin-D inducing sunshine or sporty activities or cocktail fun. Go and drink some water. Stick some lemon in it. Don’t you feel better already?

Sara xo

Hydrating Elixir | Nourish Real Food | Sara Bradford

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