3 Common Mistakes We Make When Trying to Conquer Amazing Health Obstacles — and How To Avoid Them

Mamas — Does this sound familiar?

When humans go at something that feels really daunting, (like eating healthier,) it’s pretty common to feel defeated before they’ve even given it a go. 

That means we are never getting to the point where we ever feel better. We are stuck in that wheel. 

But it’s so very clear to me why we, as women and mamas, do this time and time again. And sometimes you have to recognize you need to understand the What and Why before you can find the How To Get The Hell Out Of The Wheel. 

Let me explain. 


It’s insanely difficult to tackle things alone. And we are living in an isolated culture. We are expected to raise our families and eat our dinners and have our downtime…all by ourselves. When historically those are the things done together, as a pack. Then we wonder why in the world we use junk food to comfort, or have a tragic amount of postpartum depression on ours hands. 

Humans need to do things together. It feels like this is obvious, but then why aren’t we? Community provides emotional support, a pick-me-up when you feel like you’re falling, loads of wisdom you don’t necessarily have inside you yet, company when you’re feeling alone. 

That’s why, when groups of women gather, cook meals together (wine or no wine), while the kids play in the backyard, it feels NORMAL. It feels good.  

Let’s make community normal. 


Because when it gets tough it is DAMN EASY to walk away. That is true with relationships, a hard project, a job that isn’t feeling so fulfilling, debt, an hour at the gym. And it REALLY applies to food, which is scary, because food is something we absolutely 100% require. And if we are always making the bad choices, it gets easier and easier to walk away from the good ones.  Especially if no one is telling you otherwise. 

But once again, human nature…we WANT to do better when someone is keeping us on track. When there is a person or a squad cheering you on, you want to prove you can do this. 

You CAN do this. Let’s make accountability normal. 

Less Is More

If you are ready to do something to make you healthier and happier…find your tribe. Let people in. Do it with people who care about you, who have your back. And don’t be afraid to prioritize it. Make that community your everyday, all the time. 

Food tastes better with others. It’s a proven fact. (Even the healthy kind.) 

Then of course we make a decision to make change. To tackle the thing that is holding us back from our own healthy selves. And instead of easing into it, we go HOG WILD and fall down hard. There is no gentle easing in. 

Spring is when people jump on the spring detox juice cleanse raw food vegan extreme band wagon. That wagon is FULL of people. It’s so full, women and moms are fall off left, right and centre. There is no one reaching their hand out to pull you back on. And it’s riding really, REALLY fast. Inevitably people fall and fail. 

Mamas are ESPECIALLY at a loss. Because this extreme version is not only something they aren’t necessarily “allowed” to do (breastfeeding etc.) but they’re also not capable of diverting all their energy into the inevitable “detox healing crisis” (aka feeling like shit) that they’re going to experience. 

Oh…but oh…this extreme version of detox is NOT NECESSARY. 

(Actually…none of the above is necessary.)

I remember the moment I realized that I was getting more out of my restorative yoga classes than I was from two hours at the gym. I remember when I realized the juice cleanses were making me feel like shit, but the bowls of hearty salads and stews (even with bread) were making me feel amazing. A little less crazy…a little less intense… Turns out that is what makes people feel good. 

Let’s make LESS normal. 

Now What?

I developed the Community Dumps to counter the b.s. that was out there. Because in my industry there is A LOT of that. Trust me. And it sells. It taps into that deep part of yourself that makes you think everything will be okay if I just buy into this. If I do this extreme thing, all by myself, I can do anything. 

Uh…no. That isn’t how it works? Turns out, it takes support and love and NOT doing things extremely. Hah. Who knew?

The Mama Dump is especially near and dear to my heart. Because it not only tackles the common mistakes we make and comes up with the solution — but it does it in a way designed JUST FOR MOMS. And it’s special because no one else does that. 

And let’s face it… gosh darn it… Mamas deserve something special-just-for-them. Not one day a year in May. How about for fourteen whole days in April instead?

The Mama Dump is coming soon. This Thursday the shopping cart opens. Then we begin a week of gentle prep together as soon as Easter ends. That moment you’ll feel ready to cleanse some chocolate eggs from your body and crave what else spring has to offer. 


And its focus is community love and support, accountability with said community and ME, and something profoundly powerful but gentle enough to take on. 

YOU CAN WIN A SPOT FOR FREE. I have two spots I am giving away. All you need to do is write me an email or send a word document, 250 words or less, on why you should do the Mama Dump. Send it to me BEFORE Wednesday at midnight and I will announce the winners Thursday morning. 

Why should you do the Mama Dump (or why should someone you know do it)? Tell me. 250 words or less. (Your reason can’t be financial.) 

Love Sara xo

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